Microsoft Surface Price Could Drop 38% in Two Months

Due to the high inventory an sales results that are rumored to be below expectations, the website believes that Microsoft could be  forced to discount the tablet in a similar as Research in Motion discounted its Playbook. The site wrote that Microsoft is showing no signs of discounts at this time, but states that

"true bargain hunters may want to hold off a little longer, as just five months after the Playbook's debut, the 16GB Playbook dropped 38% in price. Even the higher 32GB model dropped an impressive 33% in price during the same timeframe. And the deals only got better from that point forward. In fact, in an effort to move inventory, some retailers, like Office Depot, began discounting the Playbook and bundling it with $100 gift cards. Again, this was just five months into the tablet's lifespan, which means we could see hefty discounts on the Surface RT as early as March 2013."

Dealnews noted that Microsoft would be "wise to discount its entry-level Surface RT tablet", such suggests that "holding off till the Pro's debut before making any purchasing decisions" is a good idea. Impatient shoppers should wait until the Surface RT gets better distribution, which seems to be happening soon, as Microsoft announced that Surface RT will be available at Staples and BestBuy.

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  • shiftstealth
    The vendors such as Asus and dell requested they keep their price high so that they could compete so this leaves me curious.
  • tuffjuff
    I don't know that these are at all directly comparable.

    The Playbook had no change from the start. At least Microsoft has the power of tens of millions of devices with Windows 8 on them, all using the same app store, to help force interest from developers.
  • blurr91
    I "could" win the Lotto in 3 months...
  • shafe88
    Even if they drop the price by 38% I'm still not buying one. The Rt tablet is not worth the money, for the same price I can get a decent touch screen notebook for the same price with better spec's, and if they do cut the price by 38%, where does the loss in profit come from, do they reduce production cost or do they make up the losses is their app store.
  • Old_Fogie_Late_Bloomer
    I was kicking myself for missing the firesale on the HP Touchpad, but since it doesn't look like you can install Android or Linux on the Surface, I don't see it hitting a price I'd actually pay anytime soon...
  • Parsian
    these analysts have their heads up in their a$$. I was at best buy the other day and people were asking for it a lot, except u cant get it there. (best buy canada)
  • zorky9
    shafe88and if they do cut the price by 38%, where does the loss in profit come from, do they reduce production cost or do they make up the losses is their app store.They don't. The loss is an investment towards culminating a better ecosystem for RT (more users, incentive for developers to produce apps, etc.), and setting a higher bar for partners to follow with their hardware design. Either way, the loss is something MSFT's war chest can absorb.
  • killerclick
    Good to see Metro is dying everywhereMicrosoft must pay for trying to force it on their users
  • Dream on.
  • Just surfaced dead in he water, and stinking up the shore, by the millions the seagulls and flys are having a feast! M$ get that mess off of the desktop!