Mingle Q&A With Us and the iPad, Q&A

We have no idea how many iPads Apple were sold on April 3--estimates are approaching 800,000--but we do get the sense there might now be enough and if you have your hands on one of these, you justifiably are an early tech adopter. So we invite you to share your first impressions with the world, other iPad owners and those who are still waiting to purchase one.

We will use a Mingleverse Mingle room, a browser-based 3D telepresence service, for our iPad event. You can join free of charge and can move freely in a virtual room that allows us to share images, online video and a live video feed. It is a great communication platform with text and audio chat that should enable all of you to get an interesting first look at the iPad. So Apple and god will, we will get our hands on an iPad as well and wait until the mingle to unbox the tablet.

The mingle will take place April 6th at 5 PM PST. The spots will be given away on a first come – first serve basis. We highly recommend a reservation of your space as we cannot guarantee availability later on. 

To participate in the mingle, you simply need a web browser and a headset, if you want to communicate with others in the room. If you have a webcam, you can use that too!

  • doc70
    Is this for real?
    I mean, has this site really changed in an iEverything altar?
    Nothing against tech of all kind, but this approaches iDolatry.
  • doc70
    ...and that's why 300,000 = 800,000

    /see your other article about 300,000 sold

  • Euphoria_MK
    Hey doc it's 300,000 on April 3rd, the official launch date, and it's 800,000 including pre-orders.

    The numbers are correct.

  • erm to quote the other article

    ".....Apple today announced that it sold over 300,000 iPads in the U.S. as of midnight Saturday, April 3. This number is a sum of the pre-orders, deliveries to channel partners such as Best Buy and sales at Apple Retail Stores"

    i guess over 300k can be interpreted as 800k......
  • peacock
    Guys, the other article says 300k on day one. This is talking about total since that day. Why are people so quick to speak before reading carefully? Sometimes i just don't get some people.
  • UbeRveLT

    Read it properly.
  • schizz69
    Can the ipad stop spamming toms hardware articles?
  • czar1020

    Exactly, what 20 + articles on what was a POS then now it's "cool" and now its a POS again... for the love of god drop it. Do a review people really want to read, leave this crap for the mac store.
  • mustwarnothers
    My Question:

    Do iPad purchasers see the irony in buying a "Revolutionary" Wifi device, which totally fails to deliver Wifi properly?
  • JeanLuc
    What demographic does Apple expect the "ipad" to appeal to?