Motorola Pushes Stable Lollipop Upgrade For 1st And 2nd Gen Moto G

Today, Motorola announced that the stable version of the Lollipop upgrade for the Moto G 2nd Gen (in the U.S.) and the Moto G 1st and 2nd gen (in India) will begin rolling out. Not everyone will get it at the same time, though, as the update will be delivered in phases.

Moto G owners living in the U.S. and India should be receiving a notification with the update, or they can check for it themselves in the phone's Settings. (Settings > About Phone > System update.)

Motorola did some "soak tests" for its Moto G devices late last year, weeks after Google made the Lollipop version public. The tests were meant to ensure a smoother update process for all Moto G customers once the final version would roll out. It was completely voluntary for those who wanted to get a taste of the new Android version a little earlier, because these soak test versions may have also had some bugs in them. Whatever bugs Motorola found must have been fixed by now if the company is ready to push a stable version out.

Even though Motorola seems to have the Lollipop upgrade ready for the first generation Moto G, which is now being rolled out in India, it seems American Moto G owners are left waiting. This may be a typical U.S. carrier problem. The U.S. carriers often make the phone update process longer than it needs to be because they don't let phone makers upgrade devices without their approval.

The good news is that if Motorola has started rolling out the update for its Moto G devices, then it won't be long until its customers from more countries will get it as well.

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Lucian Armasu
Lucian Armasu is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He covers software news and the issues surrounding privacy and security.
  • eklipz330
    i want to know if the lollipop update will in anyway cripple performance on moto x 2013... otherwise, i should just get a rom
  • closetwhisperer1
    Finally, I've had a moto g 1st gen since it came out. Solid phone deserving of a new os update.
  • Eniyan
    I got Updated Now i am using Lollipop
  • spp85
    How is the new Lollipop in Moto G ??
  • Muralimano28
    Got my lollipop update..tasting awesome..
  • er0shima
    Got the update on a XT1063 aka Moto G 2014 yesterday, so far so good.. however I've had a few issues on the multitasking front... apps are still being killed (not force close tough) when having more than 2 apps at the same time most of the time.
  • metalmechanic
    Still no update for my Moto G, Maybe it's too old?

    I it's like an XT1034, I think. Still running 4.4.4
  • peterf28
    Stupid samsung wont update the galaxy s3 i9300
  • Heyns Ten
    How to restore old andriod version of kitkat from lalipop?
  • eodeo
    Lollipop "destroyed" my nexus 7 2012, and even with the latest patch 5.02, my tablet is a bit more then paper weight. I'll quadruple check before I contemplate about updating to lollipop on my moto g.

    Lollipop has been a disaster for me, that's left me wanting to learn how to install kitkat to get my tablet back. Back as in, working as if it has a quad core and not a single 286 core inside... and free of random resets.....