Firefox 20 Gets H.264 Support on Windows

The feature is currently integrated in the nightly builds of the browser, but not enabled by default.

While the addition only affects the Windows version of Firefox, Mozilla said that the feature allows Firefox to play H.264 video, as well as AAC audio in MP4 and M4A files, and MP3 audio files without having to rely on third-party plug-ins.

To enable the backend, enter about:config in the URL bar and change the entry "" to "true". The nightly build can be downloaded here.


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  • myromance123
    Hate Flash. Man, when is HTML5 or something else going to beat it out of it's spot? Every browser I use crashes with Flash after a while. Btw, this H.264 support going to come to Linux and Mac OS X?
  • mayankleoboy1
    otacon72...and will still crash with Flash.

    You really use FF and dont use Flashblock ?
  • sixdegree
    I get the feeling that Mozilla tries to turn the whole browser into an all-in-one media player, and ultimately, an OS.