Mozilla Updates Firefox OS for Better Gaming, Dual SIM

Mozilla updated its blog on Friday with news that a new version of Firefox OS with loads of new features is now ready to be implemented in smartphone solutions by Mozilla's partners. Notable additions include dual-SIM dual-standby support (DSDS), WebGL support for better graphics and gaming, performance improvements and more.

"A highly demanded feature for emerging markets, DSDS now allows people with dual-SIM devices to individually manage two different SIMs for calling, texting or data through the simple 'SIM Manager' UI," states the blog. "For example, you might wish to swap between a business and home SIM or if traveling may want to use a local SIM to eliminate roaming charges. It's also possible to import contacts from each SIM into the device."

The new version of Firefox OS includes support for continuous autofocus and flash. There's also an updated Gallery app that's now capable of arranging content by month, and displaying file information such as file size, when the picture was taken and so forth. The new Firefox OS also has improved media apps, which now places music controls on the notification bar and on the lock screen. Music derived from the FM Radio app can now play through the speaker.

The latest Firefox OS can now group apps into smart collections automatically on the home screen. Presumably, that simply means all music apps will be tossed into a music folder, games will be placed into their own folder, and so on. Like Android, this will clean up the home screen which in turn means less rendering. Firefox OS will also suggest apps the user may want to try out.

"This update will ship with some great optimizations for games," states Mozilla's blog. "With WebGL, asm.js and WebAudio support now included, developers will be able to bring superior and engaging gaming experiences to Firefox OS phones."

The blog goes on to talk about adaptive app search enhancement, additional options for messaging, updated Bluetooth capabilities, NFC enablers and more. To read the full update, head here.

  • Rhadoo Mihai
    I am happy with this news, hope they do something enjoyable, at least my Firefox browser has its efficiency