Nanomemory market volume to reach $7 billion by 2010

According to NanoMarkets, a Glen Allen Virginia-based market research firm, the nano memory market will grow to $7 billion in 2010. The firm believes the processor and memory industry is reaching the limits of current technology, namely electrical leakage issues at the 65 nanometer level and future 45 nanometer chips. These limits and the rising costs of semiconductor production facilities prompt companies to look into nanotechnology production techniques more seriously.

NanoMarkets says the $7 billion in revenue will be a substantial increase from the projected $1 billion to be made by with nanomemory in 2008. According to NanoMarkets, MRAM (magneto resistive memory), which uses the spin of electrons to calculate 0s and 1s, will be the main seller in the segment. While $7 billion may sound impressive, the figure is dwarfed by the $25 billion that the conventional DRAM market made in 2005.