Improvements, Fixes Included In Day One Patch For 'Need For Speed: Payback'

If you purchased the Deluxe Edition of Need for Speed: Payback, you can reap the benefits today by getting a head start on the action, but everyone else will need to wait until Friday, November 10 to join in on the fun. The early launch also provided us with details on the massive list of changes included in the game’s Day One patch.

As expected, a majority of the patch notes highlight corrections to multiple errors in gameplay. This includes app crashes, visual and audio glitches, and AI behavior. The studio also added some humor in the update, with one note mentioning that “traffic vehicles have been sent back to driving school and will no longer attempt to perform an illegal turn.”

You’ll also notice some changes in the customization system. You can now paint the stock version of Derelict cars, which are the rarest vehicles in the game, when you purchase them from the dealership. There are also wheel rims that were initially exclusive for drag-based cars. However, you should now be able to fit them on any vehicle regardless of its racing class type.

Other highlights from the patch include an improvement in the AI police behavior when they’re chasing you in a pursuit event. You’ll have to combine speed with creativity if you want to lose the cops on a long straight or around a turn. You also have a shot at a more aggressive approach to pursuits: You can hit police vehicles from behind at high speed so that they take more damage. Ghost Games also made some last-minute tuning adjustments to the Hard difficulty level so that those who choose it are faced with even tougher challenges.

Day One patches are common in today’s titles, and Ghost Games can actually see how this update affects a small group of players days before the official launch of the game. If any problems arise as a result of the patch, the studio should have enough time for a quick hotfix so that fans will have a problem-free experience when exploring Fortune Valley later this week. For the full patch notes visit the game's website.

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NameNeed for Speed: Payback
DeveloperGhost Games
PlatformsPC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
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Release DateNovember 10, 2017