Internet adds 1.4 million new sites in February

According to a report released by Netcraft, the Internet continued its rapid pace of growing domains in February. The firm said that it was able to track responses from 77,568,868 sites in early February, which represents a growth of about 1.38 million sites within the past month. However, much of the growth apparently comes from an increased activity to "park" domains for simple reasons of advertising revenues or resale: Netcraft reported that it found a total of 2.8 million new hostnames, while additional active sites were estimated at just 237,000.

Apache was able to gain about 1.5 million hostnames and 0.7 points in market share in February, which, according to Netcraft, can be attributed especially to infrastructure changes at huge hosting firms. For example, 950,000 of those 1.5 million hostnames were added by "reclassification" at GoDaddy. The total market share for Apache now stands at 68.7%; Microsoft is listed at 20.5%, Sun at 2.4% and Zeus at 0.7%.