New Allwinner RISC-V Chip Uncovered on Tiny Board

MangoPi's tiny D1s board
(Image credit: MangoPi)

A new version of the Allwinner D1 RISC-V media board has come to light (via CNX Software). The D1s, also known as the F133-A SOC and referred to as a ‘high-performance decoding screen display processor’ on the Allwinner website, has 64MB of DDR2 RAM and can decode video up to 1080p.

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The D1s should appear as a single-board solution, just like the Linux-capable development board that featured its older brother, the D1. The main difference between the two chips appears to be the embedded RAM and the HDMI interface that has been deleted from the new board.

Housed on a super-small board by MangoPi, just 14mm on each side, it should fit neatly into big-screen displays, connecting through its RGB LCD output interface. Storage is taken care of by an onboard eMMC. You also get up to gigabit networking with Media Access Control and some USB 2.0 connectivity, presumably via one of the Type-C ports seen on the board.

The MangoPi Twitter account has also confirmed that the board will run AllWinner's Tina Linux distro and provided some useful pictures. A short statement on its website reads: "MangoPi-MQ1/Code name: Sparrow, high-value and cost-effective RV-Linux hot plate (based on D1s) will be on sale soon."

Ian Evenden
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  • Findecanor
    There's extremely little information about the CPU in that SoC. We don't know if it supports the G-profile.
    Allwinner does not even advertise that it is a RISC-V.

    Also, 64 MB RAM isn't much for a desktop (these days), so I suppose it was never intended to be used as anything than as an embedded control MCU for the other hardware in the SoC.