Latest 'No Man's Sky' Trailer Shows Resources And Trade

The first two videos in No Man’s Sky’s four-part trailer displayed combat and in-game exploration. The latest trailer focuses on your in-game finances, specifically through trade and gathering resources.

As you make your way across the galaxy, you’ll find many vendors that are willing to buy the resources you’ve gathered from the planet’s local flora, rock formations, or even stray asteroids in outer space. At one point in the video (around the 53-second mark), a menu showed the price of resources like iron and zinc as well as the “Galactic Average.” This could mean that the price of some materials will be more expensive than others depending on its rarity and if players find it in other parts of the galaxy.

However, you don’t have to sell your hard-earned resources at all. Instead, you can use them to craft powerful weapons and items. You can even use these resources to add or upgrade multiple components on your ship.

The developers plan to release one more video to round out the series before the game comes out on August 9. The final trailer will focus on survival. As you make your way to the center of the galaxy, you’ll undoubtedly run into trouble, and Hello Games will provide a sneak preview into some of the trouble that you’ll encounter on your journey.

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NameNo Man's Sky
TypeSci-Fi, Exploration, Action/Adventure, Shooter
DeveloperHello Games
PublisherHello Games
PlatformsWindows, PlayStation 4
Where To BuySteamGOGPlayStation StoreAmazonBest BuyTargetWalmartGameStop
Release DateAugust 9, 2016
  • anbello262
    For the first time, I'm getting interested in this game. All these marketing videos are quite effective.
  • dstarr3
    You should check out the subreddit for this game. Some of the fans are just frothing with anticipation for a game that can't possibly live up to the unreasonably high expectations that they set by themselves. There were people that tweeted death threats to the devs when they recently delayed it. I really, really hope those people are disappointed.
  • virtualban
    I am disappointed at the level of interest this game is gathering. They are using fractals to calculate everything that goes on, all at once, micro to macro. What you see is only the portion that is rendered. Player actions in game may affect the fractal seed or not. Everything else just is, like a Mandelbrot set just is.
    I hope they pierce the mindset of our civilization on the power of fractals. Our own e=mc2 is a fractal. Some people, #BAUniC for example, are trying to push for a spread of collective knowledge from which to selectively improve upon a computer code able to render that fractal. Building A Universe Competition/Collaboration/Challenge
  • anbello262
    What is 'disappointing' about this?

    And 'fractals' could be seen just as a fancy world with a very basic meaning, actually. Just my opinion, but it's hardly the 'answer to the secrets of the universe'