Nokia Offers Free Lumia to User Whose Galaxy S4 Caught Fire

Earlier this month, a Canadian Galaxy S4 user made headlines when he posted a video claiming his GS4 had caught fire while it had been plugged in to charge. Richard Wygand posted the video because Samsung had requested proof. Not long after, the South Korean phone company sent Wygand a letter offering a replacement phone on the condition that he remove the video and not discuss the incident again.

Wp-hub points to a tweet from Nokia USA offering to help Mr. Wygand out. Nokia reached out to Wygand on Twitter after he asked people to help him share his experiences with others.

".@ghostlyrich we want to help you out," the tweet read. "Let me send you a Nokia Lumia so you can experience how customer service should *really* work."

The move echoes Microsoft's offer of free Windows Phones for Android users complaining on Twitter (way back in 2011). Though Wygand is actually in Canada and the offer came from Nokia USA, the Canadian has taken Nokia up on its offer and Nokia has promised to do what it can to help. Samsung hasn't commented on Nokia's offer, nor has there been anymore developments in the story.

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  • Amdlova
    I prefer a nokia than a samsung cellphone. But good look to him with the new phone. AND your lawyer and justice.
  • edwd2
    I've used devices from Samsung, Microsoft, Asus, Dell, Apple, LG, Toshiba [...] over these years. It's nothing new, customer service pretty much always suck.
  • Blazer1985
    Smart commercial move. Well done Nokia :-)
    Oh and btw, they really have THE BEST customer service, at least here in europe.