Nvidia 3D Vision Now Compatible With YouTube

Nvidia today announced that YouTube is for the first time giving users the ability to view thousands of 3D videos in rich, high-quality stereoscopic 3D on their Nvidia 3D Vision PCs and notebooks when using the latest version of the Mozilla Firefox Web browser.

“We’re excited to introduce HTML5 and WebM support to the thousands of 3D videos available on YouTube,” said Jonathan Huang 3D Product Manager at YouTube. “By embracing these open standards, Nvidia 3D Vision users now have a great way of experiencing YouTube’s library of 3D content.”

To view YouTube stereoscopic 3D videos, an Nvidia 3D Vision-equipped PC or notebook and the latest Nvidia GeForce drivers (version 275 or above), are required, as well as Firefox version 4 or above, which includes support for HTML5 video streaming. Users will also need to select the HTML5 viewing option when viewing a YouTube 3D video.

For those without a Nvidia 3D Vision setup or who aren't running Firefox 4, the independent Studio3D.tv video sharing site is dedicated to 3D videos. It runs on multiple browsers and has no ads or content filtering.

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  • reprotected
    In other news, Tom's Hardware has finally fixed the thumbs up and down system!
  • pinnicle329
    This is kind of neat. Why do people complain about new features? If you don't want to use them, don't f***ing use them.
  • valpanig
    TrialskingDie 3D Die. Why do people support this crap...

    I never seen porn in 3D, think i am missing out something substantial. Please don't let 3D die yet.
  • Other Comments
  • proxy711
    Wow just one more reason why everyone should drop what they are doing and go buy 3D monitors and glasses. EPIC.

  • dioxholster
    yeah!!! now i can watch porn in 3d!
  • hellwig
    So I need a specific graphics card, with a specific monitor, and specific glasses, and I need to use a specific browser JUST to watch 3D on my computer? And I would want to do this, why?

    Christ, will the 3D fad just die already? Obviously there is no recession, not if people can actually afford to buy all this crap.