Nvidia Aims to Raise $10 Million Aid for Those Affected by Israel-Hamas war

(Image credit: Nvidia)

Nvidia has quietly unveiled robust humanitarian initiatives aimed at providing relief and support in the war-torn region. As illustrated by a leaked internal email by Jensen Huang seen by Business Insider, the company is promising bonuses to its Israel-based workforce, engaging in substantial fundraising to amass humanitarian aid, and cancelling a scheduled major AI conference in Tel Aviv due to the escalating violence.

Nvidia has embarked on a substantial humanitarian aid mission, targeting a minimum of $10 million. The company aims to achieve this by matching employee contributions, emphasizing the freedom to allocate their donations towards relief operations in either Israel, Gaza, or a combination of both. This approach underscores the firm's humanitarian stance, providing equal opportunity to support suffering communities irrespective of their geographical or political affiliations.

Nvidia is also giving bonuses to its employees who are based in Israel as a way to offer extra support during these challenging times. This decision shows the company's effort to take care of its team members who are directly affected by the ongoing conflict. The company's head Jensen Huang communicated this decision through an internal email, outlining the company’s intention to extend financial support as a gesture to ease the hardships endured by its team members due to the ongoing war.

Nvidia has a strong presence in Israel, with about 3,300 employees. The company has faced direct impacts from the conflict, including tragic losses among its employees and their families. This deep connection to the crisis has spurred Nvidia into taking actions like fundraising and providing bonuses to support its staff and the broader communities.

Additionally, due to the worsening situation in the region, Nvidia has decided to cancel an upcoming AI conference that was supposed to take place in Tel Aviv. This move indicates the company’s priority is the safety and well-being of its employees and participants.

Anton Shilov
Contributing Writer

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  • txfeinbergs
    So they apparently need to increase graphics card prices again to "raise" more money. They don't need to raise anything. They have tons of money already. Just give it if you want.
  • garrett040
    As if they need to "raise" capital, what a joke.
  • parkerthon
    If they donated aid directly from their pockets instead of raising it, they would have to pick sides in the conflict. The raising aid part is a pr move to keep them extricated from any negative blowback as to who they decided to give money to and where that money actually went.
  • ivan_vy
    "The company aims to achieve this by matching employee contributions", I don't think they need to do this. And if they don't want to pick sides just donate to charities with good records that keep themselves outside of politics.