Prepare For 'Destiny 2,' 'Assassin's Creed: Origins' With Nvidia's Game Ready Driver

Nvidia's latest Game Ready driver, Version 388.00 (WHQL), is now available to download. In addition to updating existing features, the software adds support for two blockbuster titles arriving this week.

The driver is a must-have for those who plan to pick up Bungie’s Destiny 2 and Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed: Origins. The GTX 970 (or 1060) is recommended for Destiny 2, and the GTX 760 meets the high-end requirements for Assassin’s Creed: Origins. Hardware requirements aside, Nvidia also recommended the GTX 1070 for those playing it at 1440p and, as expected, the 1080 Ti is the top pick for enjoying the game at 4K resolution. The company didn’t provide similar GPU recommendations for Assassin’s Creed: Origins, but the low barrier to entry in terms of the card specified in the recommended specs likely means that you can easily reach resolutions higher than 1080p with Nvidia’s higher-end GPU lineup.

The driver updated the 3D Vision profile for Assassin’s Creed (the use of 3D glasses to play the game is “not recommended"), and included new software versions of Nvidia-based programs such as CUDA and the GeForce Experience app.

An issue was also resolved with the launch of the new driver. You should no longer experience stuttering gameplay in Doom, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on laptops with G-Sync capabilities and a GTX 1080 GPU. The company also noted that Alienware laptops that use GM204 GPUs won’t be supported with this new driver. There are still a few lingering problems in the wake of the driver’s release, specifically for Windows 10 and 7 users, and you can see the full list on Nvidia’s website.

A prompt to download the new driver should appear on your GeForce Experience app. You can also download the software manually on the driver landing page. You can check out the full release notes on the company website.

  • photonboy
    Running 4K is likely a stupid idea. I highly doubt it would run a solid 60FPS at max settings (probably not even close).

    Far better to run 2560x1440 and have that scale (ASPECT on monitor), and even then you may have to adjust a few settings to hit your FPS goal.
  • wifiburger
    well your right it doesn't run 60fps, 4k ultra runs at 90fps+ on a 1080ti
  • Tobias Claren
    StarVR, "the future of VR".. But only for VR arcade...

    StarVR only wants to make money with commercial customers.
    StarVR believes StarVR can make money per hour.
    So that also Vive or Rift owners have to pay per hour.

    But now the uniqueness is over.
    No compulsion to pay for good VR per hour.

    StarVR has probably promised their customers exclusivity...

    And little "VR Caffees" could use it without special rules (franchise rules...).

    What is the maximum area from these new Lighthouse 2 bases and sensor technology?
    Same like the old LH v1? What is the real maximum area (not the official specs) of LH2?

    With batterys on each Base and wireless Pimax 8K and PC (power is a problem), we could use it in a park etc..

    Pimax says in the package are two tripods included.
    Really? This tripods we can see in videos?

    My wish was a controller with changeable modules.
    Touch and thumpstick.
    Because, we have only the decision, "Knuckels" with touch OR thumpstick...
  • ericleisy
    I found really the only setting that needed to be tuned down for playing at 4k with good FPS was turning off AA and turning shadow quality down to High... Beautiful game.