Nvidia Posts Battlefield: Hardline Beta; Grid: Autosport GameReady Beta Driver

Nvidia has posted a new driver -- the GeForce 340.43 Beta driver. This driver release is set to bring enhancements for the new Battlefield Hardline beta, as well as the new Grid: Autosport game. Included in the release are also a number of new SLI profiles as well as 3D Vision profiles.

Game Ready - This 340.43 Game Ready Beta driver ensures you'll have the best possible gaming experience for GRID: Autosport and the Battlefield: Hardline Beta.SLI Technology3DMark Skydiver subtest – added profileBattlefield: Hardline – added profileElder Scrolls: Online – added profileLuDaShi Benchmark – added profileWildstar x32 version – added profileDark Souls II – updated profileGaming TechnologySupports GeForce ShadowPlay™ technologySupports GeForce ShadowPlay™ Twitch StreamingSHIELDSupports NVIDIA GameStream™ technology3D VisionSupports new “3D Compatibility Mode” for 3D Vision that enables us to improve the 3D experience for many key DirectX 10 and 11 games.3D Compatiblity Mode ProfilesBioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea (DLC) – rated as “Excellent”Banished – rated as “Good”Krater – rated as “Good”

Download links are below:

GeForce 340.43 Beta 64-bit.

GeForce 340.43 Beta 32-bit.

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  • Alec Mowat
    Nvidia made a driver?
    Wow. It must be. Tuesday.
  • jalek
    For what my card can do, my HD 4870 is still only bested by 20% for DirectX 9. Surprising for a five year old card. They can continue milking the margins, I'll wait.