Nvidia Game Driver 456.71 Ready for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

(Image credit: YouTube)

Nvidia's latest Game Ready driver 456.71, optimizes support for the next Call of Duty game: Black Ops Cold War when it heads to PC beta on October 15. Plus the driver integrates Nvidia's latest Reflex technology into the game. Reflex is a latency reduction tool aimed towards keeping system latency as low as possible, so if you're one of the few right now with a reflex compatible monitor, this will come in handy for competitive first-person shooters.

The driver also includes three new hotfixes, one of which being a critical hotfix for G-SYNC owners where any full-screen game could trigger a black screen on adaptive sync monitors. Ironically I had this black screen issue appear while updating to driver 456.71. Fortunately, it was an easy fix of manually uninstalling the old drivers and installing the new ones fresh.

The last two hotfixes apply to specific games, one includes a frame rate fix when enabling hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling in Original Sin 2 and a fix in Fornite where the game may crash when enabling RTX shadows and reflections.

Keep in mind there are still some open-end issues that have not been resolved with this new driver, namely the WoW Shadowlands twitching/stuttering problem at over 60fps is still here, Freesync won't work in Warzone, and some freesync displays will have half the screen go black. Plus a few others. Check the release notes for full details.

You can grab this driver update now from the GeForce website or from GeForce Experience.

Aaron Klotz
Freelance News Writer

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