Nvidia Lines Up Six Keynote Speakers for Computex 2022

Nvidia Computex 2022
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Nvidia has announced the date and time for its Computex 2022 keynote. The Nvidia Keynote is scheduled for Monday, May 22 at 8:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. PDT (UTC -7). Six speakers have been lined up for the keynote. including Jeff Fisher, the senior vice president of GeForce. CEO Jensen Huang isn't among the listed speakers.

The press release confirms there will be some gaming content. "Nvidia will present how AI is powering the enterprise data center and the latest products and technologies for gamers and creators," says the Nvidia events page. That sounds like the main focus of the keynote will be on how AI can help in gaming and content creation. Has Nvidia found another killer application for its GPU Tensor cores in PC gaming?

(Image credit: Nvidia)

The six presenters lined up for the one hour keynote on Monday, May 23 are: Ian Buck, vice president of accelerated computing; Brian Kelleher, senior vice president, hardware engineering; Ying Yin Shih, director of product management, accelerated computing; Michael Kagan, chief technology officer; Deepu Talla, vice president of embedded and edge computing; and Jeff Fisher, senior vice president of GeForce.

As well as AI gaming and content creation topics, the sextet are going to be talking about subjects as diverse as accelerated computing, data centers, and robotics – all with an AI flavor.

The official press release makes the keynote sound a little more interesting for PC enthusiasts. It quotes Jeff Fisher as saying there will be "Nvidia and our partners will be announcing new developments and products on both the enterprise and consumer fronts at the show."

Nvidia is following up the keynote with a presentation about Nvidia Omniverse and its use in creating digital twins and virtual worlds. This second event is on the Wednesday (May 25) and will be hosted by Richard Kerris, vice president of the Omniverse developer platform.

Nvidia will have a virtual booth at Computex. We don't have any information about a physical Nvidia booth at the Taipei-based show.

Last week AMD confirmed that CEO Lisa Su would present a keynote at Computex on Monday, May 23. AMD's keynote is called "Advancing the High-Performance Computing Experience."


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  • bigdragon
    I feel like Nvidia wants "gamers and creators" to prop up their business after nearly 2 years of catering to the crypto miners. Not sure what they're planning with the Nvidia Omniverse thing, but I think they missed the boat. A lot of creators didn't increase their triangle counts, shader complexity, world sizes, and other things because of the GPU shortage hurting PC gaming.

    Personally, I both game and create content for UE4 and VRChat. The RTX 30-series is dead to me. Obsolete and too expensive. I'm hoping to pick up an RTX 4070 if the pricing isn't set at MSRPs that assume gamers and creators will use the card for mining to cover some of the costs. With the ongoing crashing of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, those MSRP and sales prices need to come back down to where gaming consoles have set pricing expectations. Today's crypto-inflated prices are unrealistic.

    I doubt Nvidia will say anything about the RTX 40-series at this event, even with that roster of speakers. The 30-series is now clogging up shelves at local electronics retailers because they're still priced for miners, not gamers and creators. Nvidia likes to talk -- their actions and the actions of their partners don't back up that talk right now.