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Oculus Appoints New Chief Operating Officer, Founding COO Taking On New Role

Oculus VR’s CEO, Brendan Iribe, announced that his company has appointed a new Chief Operating Officer. Hans Hartmann will be leaving FitBit, where he is currently COO, to take on the same role at Oculus.

Perhaps as a response to its rocky product launch, Oculus has decided to make some changes at the top of the executive chain.

Oculus has been under fire recently for delayed shipments to pre-order holders. Many customers who placed their names in the hat in the first few minutes of the pre-order window in January are still waiting to receive their hardware, more than a month after the first shipments started. As if to rub salt in the wound, Oculus will start selling Rift hardware at retail and other online locations this week.

A quick look at Hartmann’s LinkedIn profile (opens in new tab) reveals that the executive has had a long history of handling product development and supply chain operations. He oversees both of these aspects of Fitbit's business and manages the company’s customer support systems. Hartmann has held VP and SVP of Operations titles at various companies since 1995, and he worked for IBM for 15 years prior in various management roles. Oculus has been having trouble delivering the product it promised, but Hartmann appears to just the man to turn that around.

Iribe said that Oculus’ founding COO, Laird Malamed, will not be leaving the company. Malamed will take on a “new executive role,” where he will aid Oculus in meeting the demand for consumer VR. 

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