Pick Your Parts With OCZ's Do-it-yourself Gaming Notebook

San Jose (CA) - Pick your part, any part, with OCZ?s do-it-yourself gaming notebook. This very simple idea lets power users customize most of the important parts while still leaving most of the ugly manufacturing to the professionals. The laptop is sold without a processor, hard drive and memory, but it does include a Geforce 8600 GT with 512 MB of video ram and an 8X DVD R/RW burner.

Buyers pop in their choice of an Intel Core 2 Duo mobile CPU, hard drive/SSD and up to four gigabytes of DDR2-677 SODIMMs.

The OCZ do-it-yourself laptop will sell for approximately $550 to $600 and this certainly seems like a sensible upgrade for people who already own an integrated graphics laptop. Just cannibalize the processor, memory and hard drive into the OCZ computer and BAM instant gaming laptop for cheap.

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  • ap90033
    ? $640 for a crappy 15 inch with a crappy 8600M Video? Then you have to get your own CPU memory hard drive etc. By the time you get done it will have cost $1200 or so. No thanks I think I will stick with my P6831FX which smokes this and was $1200....
  • Calling a Laptop with an 18 month old (that's almost 3 Generations of GPUs) 8600GT a gaming laptop is outright lying. The 8600GT was a mid-range card when it was released during the dark ages. Well, but since some companies get away with calling 8400GS gaming cards, a 8600 GT should certify for a "high end" sticker.
    I'm disgusted.
  • Slobogob
    A 8600 is not a gaming card. A Laptop with a 8600GT is not a gaming laptop.

    In some countries people get their tongues cut out for lying. In others people get a paycheck for it.