First OEM holographic storage systems on the way

Longmont (CO) - Having shipped an apparently small number of holographic storage systems in late 2006 and in the first days of 2007, Inphase today said that it has signed Germany-based DSM as original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of its Tapestry drives.

According to the agreement, DSM will be building Inphase's Tapestry 300R holographic drives and provide the devices as a storage system option to its enterprise customers, which include Deutsche Bank, European Space Agency, Siemens Medical and VW. Inphase said that the new manufacturing capacity will "enable the delivery of the first holographic archival systems [to] customers in the broadcast, government, medical, and I.T. markets."

The OEM 300R drive is identical with the previously demonstrated Inphase devices and are capable of storing up to 300 GB of data on one 5.25" disc. The data transfer rate tops out at 20 MB/s, which translates in a 300 GB backup within about four hours.

DSM has not announced pricing of the holographic drives yet, but an Inphase spokesperson told TG Daily that the Tapestry 300R drive carries a list price of $18,000 with 300 GB media going for $180 each.

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