World's oldest newspaper moves to all digital format

Stockholm (Sweden) - A little-known paper in Sweden has long held the distinction for being the longest-running active newspaper in the world. Now it is earning headlines again, as the Post-och Inrikes Tidnigar has moved to an all-digital format, with all 2007 issues to be distributed over the Internet.

The paper, which translates to "mail and domestic tidings," began in 1645 and was owned by the monarch at the time, Queen Kristina. Since then, the paper edition has been making its way to homes in the country every day, meaning over 168,000 issues have been printed. Before the digital move, the circulation had topped off at about 1000.

The Swedish Academy, which owns the Post-och Tidnigar, hopes the move to an online format will increase the circulation and cut down on costs. The publication focuses on legal news about corporations and the government.

As for its place in the book of records, the World Association of Newspapers says the Swedish paper will hold its title of the oldest newspaper still in circulation. "An online newspaper is still a newspaper, so we'll leave it on the list," said a spokesperson for the group.