'Paragon' Winterfest Event Debuts With New Playable Character

Epic Games’ third-person action MOBA Paragon is getting into the winter spirit with its new Winterfest event. Winterfest is going on right now through January 18 and features a swath of goodies for players, as well as a brand new playable hero to boot.

New hero Terra is a decent all-around melee fighter with low attack stats but high durability. She’s capable of some impressive damage-dealing when utilized properly. Her glacial blue-tinged hair and face paint as well as hulking armor set make her feel right at home during this frigid Winterfest event, especially in the aesthetics department.

You can hop online to check out how Terra plays right now, and you’re going to need to keep checking back in every week of Winterfest to earn several goodies while you play. You’ll get a selection of new skins, Winterfest chests, and a “mystery prize” that will be handed out during the last week of the celebration. Winterfest chests will be awarded every week after you play one, seven, and then 15 games during the event.

The skins range from festive, with Santa hats and green and red holiday lighting, to downright creepy, with the Everfrost varieties lending a creepy lilt to an otherwise festive selection. If you finish 20 games during the event’s three weeks, you can earn a special Elite skin each time in the form of a Northern Mystic Morigesh skin in week 1, Frozen Hearth Aurora in week 2, and Frost King Revenant in Week 3.

You can check out a detailed list of what’s up for grabs during the Winterfest event at the official Paragon announcement page.

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DeveloperEpic Games
PublisherEpic Games
PlatformsPC, PlayStation 4
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