Patent Troll Claims Notebook Cooling Rights

Well, at least IPventures thinks that it has a good case asking notebook makers for compensation as it claims to have invented the currently common way how fan-based cooling systems in notebooks work. IPventure says that it owns the rights to an approach that would reduce the clock speed of a processor, if a fan can't maintain an acceptable temperature level in a notebook enclosure. The IP firm appears to be testing the strength of its patent by suing Lenovo and Fujitsu over cooling systems in Thinkpads and Lifebooks.

What is especially striking in this particular patent is the fact that this does not seem to be a particularly passionate patent that IPventure wants to protect from abuse. The company claims that Lenovo and Fujitsu violate tow of its patents, one awarded in March 2009 (7,506,190) and one in May of 2011 (7,937,599). The clear impression is that IPventure waited for the newer patent, which is similar to the earlier patent, but much more detailed, to clear and launch a lawsuit with the purpose to retrieve damages and license payments right away. It is not that likely than IPventure could have initiated and maintained a reasonable negotiation with both Fujitsu and Lenovo between May 2011 and the filing date of the patent infringement claim on July 5.

Perhaps IPventure has a case, but the suit surely smells. Prior art could possibly invalidate both patents and we don't think that Lenovo and Fujistu will simply pay IPventure a fee for a potentially frivolous claim.

  • wintermint
    This is why there's not much technological advances compared to other countries.. stupid patent system
  • docken02
    The suing over patents thing is getting out of hand. It’s ridiculous.
  • THEfog101
    Why doesn't somebody just jump the gun already and file a patent on the Von Neumann Architecture effectively ensuring a payout for every IBM Based computer for the next 20 years. What is this industry coming to?
  • infernocy
    what the hell is going on with the hacking and suing lately ?
  • alidan

    the patent system is broken (non physical tech wise) when rounded edged icons can get a parent. however saying the patent system wrong is asinine.

    lets say you came up with a way to cool a cpu better than anyone else. and i mean 10% over the current best minimum. you detail your design, you file a patent, and this protects you from bigger companies taking the idea using it, and crushing you out of business.

    in the non physical tech world, there needs to be a patent pool. where everyone get licenses, all get it fairly, and the same value no matter who you are.

    for the physical, the patent system needs to root out all vague patents. if i can site an example, look at the magnavox first game system. the guy who made it detailed EVERYTHING so precisely, that he proved that another company stole his idea, and used it, and he got a settlement for it. THATS how the patent system should work, non of this sending an email from a cellphone bulls@#$ we have now.
  • _Cubase_
    Last week I patented the process in which a user posts a comment on Tom's Hardware articles. Anyone who has already posted or who posts comments from now on owes me money! I take cheques, money orders, credit cards and large cash settlements, and I have no intention of ever exercising my own ability to post comments from now on. Now if anybody wants me, I'll be stroking my cat and chuckling ominously!
  • capt_taco
    None of this type of crap would happen with a good, strong totalitarian dictatorship in place. You'd think twice about filing this kind of idiot lawsuit if you were liable to get disbarred and have henchmen show up at your door. No more playing the legal system like the lottery.

    Capt. Taco for dictator.
  • cookoy
    i thought Intel included cpu speed control when its cpu starts to get hot back in the P4 days. then AMD followed. if the system gets hot, the cpu will be the first to notice this.
  • lucky015
    You have got to love the American Injustice system.

    Yes, I meant exactly what I said.
  • iam2thecrowe
    I patent the way i wipe my ass. If anyone shall wipe their ass like me, i shall sue them!