Paul McCartney Reportedly Inks ITunes Deal

London (England) - The most notable band absent from Apple's digital music store may finally be making its way to iTunes, as long-time skeptic Paul McCartney has reportedly signed a $600 million deal with Apple.

London publication The Telegraph reports that McCartney has decided to finally give his approval to allow the Beatles catalog to make its way to iTunes. The paper claims that Apple offered McCartney as much as $600 million as part of the deal.

McCartney has been one of the most notorious holdouts for entering the digital music age, and was especially protective about his work as lead singer for the Beatles.

The legendary rock singer has had a tumultuous relationship with Apple, not the least of which is the fact that a company called "Apple Corps" actually has control over the music from the Beatles.

No prospective date was given for when Beatles music might actually make it to iTunes.