Pentium D, Athlon X2 systems to arrive this month

PC manufacturers are preparing the launch desktop dual-core systems using AMD and Intel processors later this month. Gateway earlier today confirmed that computers using the Intel 945 chipset - the chipset developed for the Pentium D - will arrive "this month".

Alienware also said that Pentium D systems will become available at the end of this month. While AMD is still tight-lipped to talk publicly about a launch date of its desktop-dual core chip Athlon 64 X2, Alienware confirmed that it will be offering such computers at the end of May.

Consumers can expect Intel and AMD to begin offering their products in the same time frame and at about the same price. In line with production ramps of other processors, dual-core chips are expected to be somewhat rare for the remainder of this year. Intel recently said that it has shipped "100,000s" of Pentium Ds to manufacturers already, but overall production of the chips represents a relatively small share of the total market, which approaches 200 million PCs this year. Analysts estimate that only five to 10 percent of all PCs sold this year will carry a dual-core Athlon or Pentium processor. (THG)

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