65 nm Pentium D 900-series appears on etailer websites

Intel has confirmed that it has been mass-producing 65 nm Pentium D processors for some time now in its D1D fab in Hillsboro, Oregon. What we don't know officially is when these new Pentium 900 processors, code-named "Presler," will be appearing on store shelves.

While Dec 27 is only the most recent rumored launch date, several etailers have updated their websites with listings of Pentium D 900 processors in an apparent move to prepare for the CPU's introduction. We were able to locate all five planned Presler processors on websites that include PCMall and OnSale.com.

Prices of retail versions of the 65 nm processors range from about $270 for the Pentium D 920 to about $660 for the Pentium D 950. The flagship, named Pentium Extreme Edition 955, is listed from about $1100.

However, sales representatives for several stores told us that the processors are "not in stock," but are expected to be available soon. "Typically, when we put a product online in this fashion, it means that we will be shipping it within 7 to 10 days," a PCMall sales representative said.

These prices reflect slight premium of Intel's OEM pricing, which considers pricing of processors in 1000-unit quantities. According to sources, Intel will sell the 3.4 GHz model 950 for $637, the 3.2 GHz 940 for $423, the 3 GHz 930 for $316 and the 2.8 GHz 920 for $241. The Pentium Extreme Edition 955 is expected to cost $999.