AMD Hits Top (Base) GHz with Quad-Core Phenom

AMD today released a new Phenom II that could be one of the last new introductions for the company before it enters its future in Fusion.

New to its desktop family is the AMD Phenom II X4 980 Black Edition processor. The X4 980 is much like the X4 975, except it gains another 100MHz to hit 3.7GHz. It features the same 6MB of L3 cache and a TDP of 125W.

If you're familiar with the Phenom II family, then you'll know exactly what this latest member is all about. Tech Report has a quick lowdown on what it calls "An old horse gallops a few steps faster."

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  • virtualban
    Waiting June and their big revelations.
    Come on bulldozer. I am lying when I am saying I don't have high expectations for you because I fear disappointment. Be a fan like it is never going to disappoint you, because that's the only way to truly be a fan. And right now I am a fan for getting the CPU to move some. There is a lot of stagnant potential in Intel, and there is pushing AMD to the limits. I like them both pushed to the limits and the pressure to bring more. So, GO AMD!! Bring us dream instructions per cycle and also keep the experience of pushing your CPUs to 3.7 GHz out of the box.
  • killerclick
    This is really sad. AMD should just dismantle itself if it can't compete against Sandy Bridge.
  • Silmarunya
    killerclickThis is really sad. AMD should just dismantle itself if it can't compete against Sandy Bridge.

    It's just a minor update like AMD and Intel do all the time. Sure, it can't complete with SB, but AMD's answer to SB is slated for June in the form of Bulldozer (high end CPU for use with discrete GPU's) and Llano (mid end CPU with powerful IGP for everyday use).

    It's a bit like saying that a security patch is Window's answer to the next Mac OS X - that's not true, it's the next Windows version that's the answer.