PlayStation 5 Pre-Orders Are Coming, But we Still Don't Know What it Will Cost

(Image credit: PlayStation)

Sony has announced an early selection program for PlayStation 5 pre-orders. This campaign offers the first opportunity for anyone in the US to pre-order the new PlayStation 5 console. It seems there will be a limited supply, and we still don't know how much it will actually cost.

To enter, visit the PlayStation 5 Pre-Order sign up page. If you are chosen to pre-order a PS5, you will receive an email containing all of the details you need to get started. Be sure to act quickly and read the email thoroughly, the offer is only available to you for a limited amount of time. If you don't receive an email, then you likely weren't chosen for the pre-order program.

According to details provided by Playstation, the invitation selection process is based upon individual interests and activities associated with the PlayStation account, so tough luck if you're switching from PC or Xbox.

While selected individuals will have the option to order both a PS5 and additional accessories, each PSN ID is limited to ordering just one PlayStation 5 console.

The PlayStation 5 is scheduled for a launch this holiday season, but Sony hasn't specified further. Microsoft will launch its competitor, the Xbox Series X, in November, so it wouldn't be surprising to see Sony launch around then, either. Neither has announced a price, even as the fall grows nearer.

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  • craigss
    Pff see this right here is what is wrong with Society be privledged enough to buy a new PS5! Hell how about Sony is privileged enough that I want to give them my Cash!
    Still the sheep will line up in Flocks like they used to outside Apple stores
  • brian532
    I see it as more of a way to stop scalpers from getting every preorder. It is much harder to get all 10,000 preorders if there is a bit of work and random chance to it.
  • RodroX
    .... yeah sure!, why not try the brand new nuclear car before anyone else, what can go wrong right?