PNY Announces Massive 512GB MicroSD Card

PNY just announced the new 512GB Elite microSDXC memory card, which is large enough to take the capacity crown away from the 400GB device SanDisk released in February. For $350, mobile data hoarders can store over 80 hours of Full HD video or 100,000 18MP pictures.

The 512GB Elite satisfies the performance requirements to meet Class 10 and U1 ratings but not the hefty A1 requirement for application performance in a mobile device. PNY claims up to 90 MB/s performance over the UHS-1 interface but doesn't specify random performance, which is used to achieve the A1 rating.

Compatibility is always a concern for large capacity microSDXC products. PNY includes an SD adapter with the 512GB Elite for use in a PC or Mac but didn't publish a list of supported mobile devices.

PNY is the first to announce a 512GB microSD card, but we know more will come in a few weeks at the Computex trade show in Taipei, Taiwan. The increase in density is a direct result of advances in flash technology. PNY didn't disclose the technology used to make the 512GB Elite microSDXC possible but it's likely the result of new 4-bit per cell memory (QLC) from Toshiba.

What worries us about the 512GB Elite microSDXC is the lack of any published endurance specifications. QLC is new, unproven memory technology for consumer devices and will require powerful software error correction technology that increases power consumption over the life of the device.

Chris Ramseyer
Chris Ramseyer is a Contributing Editor for Tom's Hardware US. He tests and reviews consumer storage.
  • hubbabubbahubbabubba9
    Um transcend and SanDisk already announced 512gb micro SD too
  • vern72
    Yeah, what's good about a very large capacity microSD card without any endurance specs?
  • zodiacfml
    Interesting photo. It shows a smartphone with a removal back cover for the user replaceable battery.
    I also wonder why a smartphone will be best for this card as it is pretty much overkill. I have 128GB micro sd in my phone which seldom used but almost full of media.

    Such capacity is nice for consumer pro digital cameras, with 100 megabit data rates for video.
  • pjmelect
    Makes me wonder what they will do when 4TB SD cards are released due to the addressing limitations.