PNY announces Geforce PCI Express cards

PNY launched a new family of Geforce 6-based graphic cards. The products are PCI Express-enabled and offer more bandwidth than AGP-based alternatives for high-resolution graphics, games, and other graphically-intensive applications.

The new line-up covers entry-level, mainstream and enthusiast segments of the graphic card market. The high-end model is the Verto Geforce PCX 6800 Ultra based on Nvidia's fastest chip. One level lower, PNY offers the Verto Geforce PCX 6800 GT. Both cards support Nvidia's recently announced SLI technology to combine two graphic cards in one system.

The mainstream product line consists of Verto Geforce PCX 5900 and Verto Geforce PCX 5750, based on the last generation Geforce 5 chip. The entry level segment below $100 is covered by the Verto Geforce PCX 5300.

PNY did not announce pricing, but said that all cards would be available in the third quarter of this year, which is in line with current supply shortages of the Geforce 6 and the production ramp-up expected by analysts.