QOTD: How Would You Change AMD?

AMD, arguably the CPU company that's gone through the most significant changes in the last several years, has yet to scratch the surface of what it can really do.

More recently, AMD decided to establish a separate company to handle semiconductor manufacturing, and is now focusing much on designing and engineering, as well as emerging technologies. It's purchase of ATI was definitely a big announcement for the industry several years ago. AMD hasn't always been this bold however. In its early days, it mainly followed in Intel's shadows. This is in stark contrast from the AMD we all know today.

Granted, not all is rosy. AMD is in the middle of a heated disagreement with Intel over the use of Intel's x86 technologies. Financially, it's still up and down.

The question of the day is: How would you run or change AMD?

Would you have purchased ATI? Perhaps another company, or none? Would you attempt to even create a whole new CPU architecture? Would you also have formed Globalfoundries? Let us know.

  • Judguh
    I would have held off from buying ATI for a while... at least until the price tag would have been more attractive. Instead of laying people off, offer incentives of working harder and smarter in order to introduce new and even better products quicklier and more efficiently. Of course, remove the redudancy within the company and cut costs wherever possible.
  • Daller
    How do you propose to remove redundancy without laying off some people? :D
  • jsloan
    i would partner with china to produce next generation cpu, they have the money, manufacturing, patience and they need / would love the technology. then with china's deep pockets, amd can go head to head against intel, us congress would go nuts...
  • jeraldjunkmail
    Narrowing your focus will be the mantra of any successful company for the next 5 years. AMD will do well by this, and other companies should take note. Are you listening Steve Ballmer?
  • jsloan
    ok here it goes, they should on the low end come up with cpu for mobile devices, go after phone market ect.

    on the high end they should turn their gpu into 64-bit cpu with hundreds of computing cells. can you imagine what kind of games could be made with a cpu that had 256 cores.

    re: next five years

    they certainly could partner with china now and get money that will keep them going and building a brighter future..
  • Avenger762
    I would not have spun off Global Foundries. I would take any extra capital I have and dedicate it to R&D. AMD in the past has gone a different route in CPU architecture andhas been quite good at beating Intel in real-world performance. AMD CPU's have had slower clock speeds but far better performers due to better design. That is also working for ATI as well. The Radeons produced lately are able to beat Nvidia and be cheaper--also better design. R&D will win out.
  • fx2236
    I would Sold AMD To Intel or Vice-versa , So we Can have Better CPU with both technologies and for Less $$ ;)
  • hardwarekid9756
    Global Foundaries: Shoulda been done a LONG time ago.
    ATI: Great move
    New PRocessor Architecture? Absolutely not.

    AMD needs to build a stronger portfolio in the x86 space. they need to build a crown-winner. They also need to get on board with Intel in the sense that they need to invest in die shrinks. They're lagging behind in architecture, engineering, and performance. All of AMD's innovation is gone. They need to step up the game.
  • They need to spend more on research and development.
  • sid_nag17
    Amd - Great job launching the Phenom II Processors but you people really need to pull up ur socks or even those will be taken away by intel.
    Buying ATI was a great move and now nvidia is shitting due to the competiton from ATI. I used to be a nvidia fan now im all ati!!!

    plese keep up the good work and do something about the i7. i donnt wanna spend $1000 for a rig!