QOTD: What IT Certifications Do You Possess?

When you're using a computer, it's a whole different world than when you're working with computers at a system administrator level.

At a large scale firm, you may be responsible for network topology design, security design, consolidation, systems analysis, large scale deployment, and other things. Among these things, you may be asked to know system level scripting to automate such things as log purging and system backups. It's not about just building a custom machine, it's about knowing how to deploy hundreds to thousands of machines--at once.

At times you will also need to know detailed administrative level knowledge of more than one operating system or server.

Often than not, these types of system admin jobs and those that are related, require the professional to have one or more IT certifications. These could be anything from the most basic A+ certification to a higher level LPIC. Today's question comes courtesy of Chris Channell.

The question of the day is: What IT certifications do you possess?

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  • microterf
    A+ now, but working on MCSE :)
  • enyceckk101
  • gamefreak62
    I only have A+ right now, but am working on Net+, and I have lots of real world experience that Administrators don't! Like putting thousands of RJ-45 connectors on CAT5e cables every day! (I hate my job...)