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QOTD: Which is Your Next PMP: iPod, Zune, Other?

Today Microsoft finally took the wraps off of its next generation Zune hardware. The Zune HD is bigger, better and more impressive in every way than any Zune before it. In fact, some might say that it’s the most attractive music/media player yet with its HD radio and HD video output.

With an accelerometer and web browser via Wi-Fi, it’s providing serious competition for anyone in the market for an iPod Touch. Music players are now becoming so much more than just things that serve your MP3s, providing yet more deciding factors on which one will get your dollars.

The Question of the Day is: Which portable media player is most likely to be your next purchase?

It doesn’t have to be limited to a Zune or iPod, as clearly spending hundreds of dollars on a music player may not be music to everyone’s ears. Hah.

Marcus: I’ve never owned an iPod or a Zune. For my portable music needs, I’ve been using a very modest and trusty Sony NW-E99 (with only 1 GB!) for years as it does what I need it to do – play music. But if I had take a leap into the modern era of PMPs, the Zune HD intrigues me the most. It’s not the music aspect of it (though the ZunePass does sound like a very sensible option) but rather the HD video out and possible integration with the Xbox.

Jane: I've said it twice before (and I'll probably keep saying it), if Microsoft added a phone to the mix, I'd be all over the Zune HD like a wet towel. At the moment I use an iPod Nano because it pairs with Nike+, which I'd be completely lost without. Unfortunately that means I have to stick with either the iPod Nano or the iTouch for my PMP needs. Unless of course, someone wants to buy me another PMP, in which case I'd go for the Zune HD, just for the sake of it. I'm always interested in trying out new gadgets.

Tuan: I don't have an iPod or Zune either. I have an iPhone but I don't even use it for music listening. I never find myself listening to music while walking around somewhere. And when I'm in my car I have the car stereo playing. At home, I have the home audio system playing. I remember owning the Diamond Rio, which was basically the first mainstream portable MP3 player. It was pretty crappy in terms of quality, but it was cutting edge for its day. I didn't buy anymore portable media players after that one!

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  • mindless728
    my hacked PSP 2000
    phone (skype)
    gps (yes, it is out there)
    games on the go
  • Spanky Deluxe
    If I didn't have an iPhone then it'd be an iPod Touch. Nothing else comes close. As it is, my next PMP purchase will be the new iPhone whenever it comes out.
  • enyceckk101
    I like Ipod touch because of their apps.
    but when it comes to video playing, I might have to go with Zune or ARCHOS 7.
  • enyceckk101
    I like Ipod touch because of their apps.
    but when it comes to video playing, I might have to go with Zune or ARCHOS 7.

    Zune HD*
  • eddieroolz
    Although I just bought a Cowon S9 just three months back, if I were to buy one today, I would definitely go for the Zune HD.
  • WheelsOfConfusion
    I've got a Cowon D2 that I love. The sound quality is great and it takes my mp3s AND oggs AND whatever .avis I care to put on it, and with an SDHC expansion slot, that can be a LOT of videos. Great looking screen. Shame about the touch interface, but it does allow for doodling.

    I'm thinking my next PMP will be a Pandora, though. Hopefully it'll be ready before Duke Nukem Forever.
  • rdawise
    Currently Own:
    Sansa e260 (Good for what it does)
    PSP-2000 (Probably the most underrated PMP out)

    Next to Own:
    Zune HD (looks interesting, plus girlfriend already owns the Ipod Touch. Not missing out on much).
  • smithereen
    I won't be upgrading my 120GB Zune for a while.
  • Square_Head
    For all the Zune supporters, it just shows your hatred for anything superior. Now the new Zune does have some awesome functions (the HD radio tuner is a major benefit), but come on really? Itunes is such an amazing program. I don't buy my music with iTunes, but I DO organize and edit the mp3 tags. It is very simple and intuitive, half the reason to own an ipod. The Zune is another half arsed, half functional, half ipod. There is a reason more people buy ipods than any other mp3 player. Fan boys are what they are, practical people buy what is best and performs the best. In the PMP market, Apple has the crown (and has for the past 5+ years)
  • Tindytim
    The ZuneHD would have been it, if they had gone with an actual HD resolution. Quarter HD would have been great (960x540), but that broke any hope of me buying one.

    I currently have a Sansa Clip (4GB) that fits my needs, and it only cost me $60, so I don't see the point in any iCrap since they don't do much more than play music, or have a high-def screen.