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This Raspberry Pi Crypto Wallet Manages Your Digital Currency

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: QT31416)

Maker QT31416 has created a custom 3D-printed cryptocurrency hardware wallet powered by a Raspberry Pi Zero WH. It functions much like a Trezor hardware wallet, but costs less (and is arguably more fun) with a Raspberry Pi.

The biggest question we had when considering this project was security. Official Trezor wallets do not rely on an SD card for storage, while the Pi Zero does. To prevent unwanted persons from accessing your wallet, the PiTrezor creator recommends using a passphrase to protect the data.

Raspberry Pi

(Image credit: QT31416)

The best Raspberry Pi projects are the ones you can recreate at home and this project is no exception. QT31416 shared everything you need to get started, including the original PiTrezor tutorial that inspired this project and a complete parts list.

QT31416’s design uses a 128 x 64 OLED HAT mounted inside a custom 3D-printed case. To navigate the UI in this project, QT31416 uses the key 2 button and Joystick button that come with the HAT. The PiTrezor firmware relies on left and right buttons for making selections, which adapts easily to the joystick input.

Check out Thingiverse to get a closer look at the case designed by QT31416 and be sure to explore the original thread at Reddit for more details on how it all goes together.

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