Raspberry Pi CM4 Featured In 3D Printer Controller Board

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: pkElectronics)

The Raspberry Pi CM4 has made its way to the 3D printing world thanks to the latest project from pkElectronics. The CM4 module is featured as the main driver behind this custom 3D Printer controller PCB known as the Sigmoid S7P.

This board does so much more than just control a 3D printer; pkElectronics designed it with plenty of ports and modules to notably enhance the 3D printing experience. It's ready to handle OctoPrint, control multiple stepper motors, and support up to two Raspberry Pi camera modules.

According to pkElectronics, it designed the PCB from scratch using AutoDesk Fusion 360. Some of the best Raspberry Pi projects are community-driven and many of the final design choices were made by working closely with the Voron community (Voron Design is a 3D printing company).

Some of the final additions include two extruder head channels, four thermistor channels, an HDMI port, 8 endstop channels, and four USB ports. For a complete list of components, check out the full project post on Hackaday. Be sure to follow pkElectronics for more cool projects and updates on this one! 

Ash Hill
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