This Raspberry Pi Drink Mixer Machine Is all the Bartender You Need

(Image credit: Balmy_summer)

You could mix the perfect drink every time with this Raspberry Pi-powered drink management system. Someone known as Balmy-summer on Reddit created and shared the project earlier Sunday. It uses a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ to accept, process and implement drink orders using a web interface.

Users can choose from a pre-programmed list of drinks on the web-based menu. The MixMakr machine uses a stepper motor, servomotor and several sensors to move a glass under the right spout before it pours the requested drink. The MixMakr system keeps track of the ingredients used for each drink in a database. A Python app mixes up drink recipes to spec using the database.

A Pi-powered bartender doesn't come cheap though. The MixMaker project used roughly $400 in electronics and construction material. 

(Image credit: Balmy_summer)

Balmy-summer designed the project's web interface using Vue and Laravel. You can explore the code on Github

The MixMakr was originally a school project; however, the maker provided plenty of information for anyone interested in recreating this project. You can check out the MixMakr website for an up-close look at the web interface. Follow Balmy-summer on Reddit for more details and updates on the MixMakr project.

Ash Hill
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