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Raspberry Pi Keeps Guinea Pigs Safe with Telegram Bot

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: Christian Hollinger)

Porkchop and Hamhock are a couple of guinea pigs with one of the best Raspberry Pi-based monitoring systems an owner can make. Developed by Christian Hollinger, this project is designed to provide remote observation features without the need for an inaccessible third-party server that may or may not be storing private data.

While platforms exist that enable users to access camera feeds via various apps, Hollinger wanted to create something with a little more security and control. The idea here was to create a monitoring system that isn’t constantly running a live feed but also automates to an extent with periodic snapshots or on-demand requests.

The solution? A custom Telegram bot of course! Telegram is an instant messaging platform with a robust API that can interface easily with the Raspberry Pi. With Hollingers custom bot, users can access the camera feed and request pictures in real-time with a simple phrase like “take a picture”.

Raspberry Pi

(Image credit: Christian Hollinger)

Another key component used in the project is MotionEyeOS. This software runs on the Raspberry Pi and offers a useful array of tools—including motion detection triggers. It’s worth noting that Telegram bots are not totally secure and can be accessed by the public. To add an extra layer of security, Hollinger added some code designed to ignore messages from unauthorized chatIDs.

The best Raspberry Pi projects are ones you can make at home. If you want to recreate this project, check out the full post on Hollinger’s website for a complete breakdown of how it works and what you’ll need to get started.

Ash Hill
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