Raspberry Pi Gyroscopic Handheld Streams PC Games

(Image credit: Penkamaster)

This Raspberry Pi handheld, created by Reddit user Penkamaster, takes PC streaming to the next level with gyroscopic camera control. That let's you move the system around in real-life to look around in-game environments.

The project uses a Raspberry Pi 4 along with a recycled 8.9" tablet screen. The screen is mounted to an Xbox One controller, creating a single handheld unit. Games are streamed from a PC using Moonlight, a software designed for streaming PC games to the Raspberry Pi.

When the Raspberry Pi first boots, the Xbox One controller connects automatically before moonlight-qt launches. Moonlight has a UI that you can easily navigate with a controller.

The handheld uses an MPU6050 gyroscope that's attached to the screen. You can use the gyroscope to aim the camera in-game with the help of a little code. Penkamaster was nice enough to share the source code on Github if you want to check out the project yourself.

According to Penkamaster, the end result is a bit bulky due to the cables, but the sacrifice was worth it as this lends to a lighter weight system. If you want to check out the project yourself, visit the original thread on Reddit. Be sure to follow Penkamaster for more cool Pi projects!

Ash Hill
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