Raspberry Pi Converts Telegram Messages to Morse Code

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: Dr2mod)

When it comes to 21st-century communication, nothing quite fits the bill like a Raspberry Pi-powered translator that flashes a light in Morse code when Telegram messages come through. At least, that’s what Dmytro Panin (also known online as Dr2mod) has come to develop with his latest project, and we couldn’t be more mesmerized!

Are you tired of opening Telegram to check for new messages? Panin decided that a visual notification system would be much more fun and opted to create this Morse code translation platform to get the job done. Linking up with Telegram, users can look at the light when a message comes through to get a glimpse at the recently received text.

This is one of many projects we’ve featured from Panin, who seems to do nothing in his spare time but make really cool Raspberry Pi projects. Some of his previous projects include an SDR airplane monitor and this flappy bird game played by an AI.

As is the case with most of his projects, Panin made this project design open source for anyone interested in creating their own or delving into the details about how it works. To create this Morse code translator, you’ll need a Raspberry Pi Zero W, a USB-powered light, a USB power switch module, and some jumper wires. All the hardware is housed inside a custom 3D-printed case.

We reached out to Panin, who explained that a CLI app accepts strings from Telegram using Telegram’s API. The script he created is based on the Telethon library and can not only translate incoming messages from Telegram but also display time, translate emails, or any text that can be accepted as a string. The full source code is available over at GitHub. When the string is translated, the Pi triggers the light on and off using the USB power switch module to replicate the text as morse code.

If you want to recreate this Raspberry Pi project, check out the original project thread shared on Reddit or head over to Instagram to see a video of it in action. If you find this project exciting, be sure to follow Dmytro Panin (aka Dr2mod) for more cool Pi creations.

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