Pimoroni Pico LiPo Brings 3D-Printed Squid Game Doll to Life

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: Hel Gibbons)

Halloween decor seems to get more intense every year for makers. Hel Gibbons' latest project demonstrates this annual phenomenon with a huge, eerie 3D-printed doll modelled on the "Red Light, Green Light" game from the popular Netflix series Squid Game. Not only is this project beautifully crafted from scratch, but it also features our favorite Raspberry Pi microcontroller, the RP2040.

Inside the 3D-printed body is a Pimoroni Pico LiPo module that's programmed to illuminate the eyes with red LEDs when motion is detected, using a PIR motion sensor.

The Pimoroni Pico LiPo module has a JST connector for power which, in this case, is used to connect an external battery LiPo. The doll is totally portable and can be placed anywhere in your yard (or elsewhere) for a spooky surprise.

The best Raspberry Pi projects are equipped with with user-friendly features. In this case, Gibbons has furnished the doll with a warning system that will cause the eyes to flash when the power is low. The JST connector on the Pico LiPo makes it convenient to swap the battery for a freshly charged one.

To get a closer look at the build process for this creepy Halloween doll, check out the original thread shared to Twitter by Hel Gibbons, and be sure to follow them for more cool projects.

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