Raspberry Pi Pico Logs Student Attendance with Fingerprints and RFID

Screenshot of the Raspberry Pi Pico powered smart attendance system
(Image credit: svsembedded / YouTube)

SVS Embedded has created a new Raspberry Pi Pico project capable of checking in students, employees or whoever else you need to keep track of in the form of a smart attendance system. Although this project is somewhat complex, the modular nature of the functions are simple enough for the RP2040-powered board to handle. 

The team at SVS Embedded regularly share microelectronics projects intended mainly for students and educators. Users have the option to purchase kits for many of the projects that provide the hardware you need as well as detailed construction notes. 

The project can be configured with additional components or less depending how complex you’re willing to make the system. In the demonstration, a Pico is used to monitor for input from a finger print scanner and RFID chip reader. After the person is verified or denied, a text message notification is sent via SMS.

To recreate the project, users will need a Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller. SVS Embedded is using an R307 finger print sensor and an EM18 RFID reader to scan RFID chips. To get SMS notification support, a SIM800L GSM module is used. The project also features a 16 x 2 LCD display used to provide instructions to the user as they scan into the system.

When the power adapter is connected, the Pico loads a welcome screen on the LCD inviting students to use the finger print scanner. When the print is registered, the system then prompts for a chip to be read using the RFID scanner. When the ID has been assessed, the Pico then sends a command to the GSM module to initiate the notification text.

This project could easily be adapted or modified to be more or less secure by simply removing components or adding even more levels of identity verification like password confirmation. If you want to recreate it yourself, check out the project page and take a look at their project kit at SVS Kits to get everything you need in one go.

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