Raspberry Pi Rave: Music Server Project Lets Friends Vote on Spotify, YouTube Playlists

(Image credit: Viacheslav Nikolaenko/Shutterstock)

With this Raspberry Pi project, you can bust out jams that everyone can enjoy. Raveberry is a music server designed for groups of people to share and vote on songs to build a real-time playlist. The songs with the most votes get bumped to the top.

Raveberry project hit Reddit earlier this week. Raveberry uses both YouTube and Spotify to source music for the playlist. Additionally, using the complimentary app Shareberry, you can add songs to the playlist from your phone. The dev behind Raveberry used a Raspberry Pi 4, but insists the server should be compatible with older editions of the Pi.

Pi groovers may already be familiar with Mopidy, an existing, Python-based Raspberry Pi music server. If Raveberry sounds a bit like Mopidy to you, that's because the project integrates Mopidy as its primary media player. However, Raveberry adds more features on top of Mopidy to create a more group-oriented application.

Raveberry has a graphical admin interface, Bluetooth support for wireless speakers, screen visualization using a tool called Cava and audio visualization to flash LEDs in sync with the music. It even functions as an optional hot spot. 

The biggest draw to the project is the voting mechanism. The idea was to create a way for groups of people to collaborate on the choice of music rather than a single person. 

Check out the full Raveberry Github page for a full breakdown of how the system works and how to get it yourself. Be sure to follow the Raveberry dev for more updates on this kickin' Pi project.

Ash Hill
Freelance News and Features Writer

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