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May 3, and Raspberry Pi has released the latest update for its long-running Raspberry Pi OS. Coming two months after the previous release, this time we see bug fixes, a new Linux kernel and updates to common software.

Raspberry Pi OS May 3 Release Notes

  •    64-bit Mathematica added to rp-prefapps
  •    Bug fix - occasional segfault in CPU temperature plugin
  •    Bug fix - X server crash when changing screen orientation
  •    Bug fix - X server DPMS not working
  •    Mathematica updated to 13.2.1
  •    Matlab updated to 23.1.0
  •    Chromium updated to 113.0.5672.59
  •    Raspberry Pi Imager updated to 1.7.4
  •    RealVNC server updated to
  •    RealVNC viewer updated to
  •    Updated VLC HW acceleration patch
  •    libcamera
  •     - Add generalised statistics handling.
  •     - Fix overflow that would cause incorrect calculations in the AGC algorithm.
  •     - Improve IMX296 sensor tuning.
  •    libcamera-apps
  •     - Improve handling of audio resampling and encoding using libav
  •     - Improve performance of QT preview window rendering
  •     - Add support for 16-bit Bayer in the DNG writer
  •     - Fix for encoder lockup when framerate is set to 0
  •     - Improved thumbnail rendering
  •    picamera2
  •     - MJPEG server example that uses the hardware MJPEG encoder.
  •     - Example showing preview from two cameras in a single Qt app.
  •     - H264 encoder accepts frame time interval for SPS headers.
  •     - H264 encoder should advertise correct profile/level.
  •     - H264 encoder supports constant quality parameter.
  •     - Exif DateTime and DateTimeOriginal tags are now added.
  •     - Various bug fixes (check Picamera2 release notes for more details).
  •    Some translations added
  •    Raspberry Pi firmware 055e044d5359ded1aacc5a17a8e35365373d0b8b
  •    Linux kernel 6.1.21

The May 3 update is more of a maintenance release, with nothing major changing apart from an updates Linux kernel. Moving from 5.15.84 to 6.1.21, both of which are long-term maintenance kernels, often used for bugfixes. Other than that we see a handful of bugfixes and updates for applications. Software libraries for Raspberry Pi camera hardware also sees an update to further refine the user experience. 

Other key app updates are for Chromium, the default web browser, Mathematica, Matlab and RealVNC. VLC, the well known video player receives a hardware acceleration patch.

Behind the scenes, and the other key software updates are for the Raspberry Pi camera ecosystem. Libcamera, a means to use cameras, including the Raspberry Pi cameras via the terminal has a number of updates for improved performance, overflow fixes and improved IMX296 sensor tuning. The IMX296 is the sensor used in the Global Shutter Camera. The Pythonic means to work with the Raspberry Pi cameras is picamera2, and this also sees a few updates and bugfixes to improve H264 encoding and EXIF data tags.

Lastly we see a few bugfixes for the OS itself, one for a segfault in the CPU temperature plugin and two for X server (screen rotation and Display Power Management Signalling).

The updated Raspberry Pi OS will work with all models of Raspberry Pi, from the original 256MB Model B in 2012, all the way to the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B. It can be installed using Raspberry Pi Imager, or by directly downloading the image and using a tool such as Etcher / Rufus to write the image.

Les Pounder

Les Pounder is an associate editor at Tom's Hardware. He is a creative technologist and for seven years has created projects to educate and inspire minds both young and old. He has worked with the Raspberry Pi Foundation to write and deliver their teacher training program "Picademy".

  • bit_user

    Mathematica updated to 13.2.1
    Matlab updated to 23.1.0
    I had no idea it included those! Back when I was young, those were both very expensive, commercial programs. Consequently, I use GNU Octave - a very decent Matlab clone. Nowadays, I mostly just use NumPy.

    Updated VLC HW acceleration patch
    Nice! I'll have to try that!

    Linux kernel 6.1.21
    I already noticed the new kernel, last week. I was hoping memory folios and MGLRU would've made a bigger difference, but apps that swap heavily are still unusable on my Pi 3, which is running the 64-bit image.
  • evdjj3j
    Did they ever enable hardware acceleration in Chromium?
  • KraakBal
    This. To me as long as Rpi can't reliable playback even 1080p in default or not browser, for even just YouTube or Netflix, and even just x264, it cannot become the home pc replacement I imagined it to be for most people.