Raspberry Pi Robot Costume Plays Sound Effects with LED Buttons

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: Iammandalore)

Halloween always seems to be on a different level for makers, and the same couldn’t be more true for developer Iammandalore. This year, he created a wearable robot costume capable of playing various sound effects with the help of a Raspberry Pi Zero.

The best Raspberry Pi projects for Halloween are interactive, and this suit was definitely designed with that in mind. The front of the robot suit features a panel of LED arcade buttons and a few switches with labels. Each button is responsible for a sound effect, and some of them, when combined, have a few Easter eggs.

Many of the sound bites are computer-related references, including the Windows XP startup sound for the Start button, as well as samples from the movie Spaceballs and tech support classic, The IT Crowd. However, the best feature may be the implementation of the Konami code, when properly executed, plays audio from the pervasive spam call regarding your car’s extended warranty.

The suit is fully mobile as the Raspberry Pi and LED buttons are powered using USB batteries. Audio is output through a Bluetooth speaker and is selected by a custom Python script. According to Iammandalore, this script is started using a smartphone application called RaspController.

Check out the original thread shared to Reddit for more details about the project and a closer look at the build process.

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