This Raspberry Pi Crust Cutter Project Kneads To Be Seen

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: 3DPrintedLife)

Bread based Raspberry Pi projects are hard to 'crumb' by, but this project is the 'toast of the town'. One maker decided enough was enough and devised a Raspberry Pi project to automatically cut the crust off of his bread for him.

This project was created and shared by 3DPrintedLife who was awesome enough to join us on an episode of our Raspberry Pi-themed podcast known as The Pi Cast.

The project first debuted a while back but today we're showing off a wicked update with a sharper knife and more cutting features! The machine is controlled by a Raspberry Pi using OpenCV and also makes use of a custom PCB developed by 3DPrintedLife for projects just like these.

The rig also includes a mechanism for holding the food in place while it cuts. This is somewhat necessary as things can get a little crazy when you enable dicing mode. That's right—it slices and dices!

Check out the full thread on Reddit for more details and a chance to ask questions. Be sure to follow 3DPrintedLife on YouTube for more fun developments and visit our list of best Raspberry Pi projects for more cool creations.

Ash Hill
Freelance News and Features Writer

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