Fedora Core 6 makes its debut

Raleigh (NC) - Red Hat released its latest version in the Fedora Project, Fedora Core 6. The software incorporates new features, including new GUI management tools, better and faster updating tools, and accessibility to third-party Red Hat Package Management (RPM) repositories, according to Red Hat.

Additionally, a new addition comes in the form of Xen, an open-source virtualization software that allows users to run multiple operating systems simultaneously on a single machine.

Fedora Project leader Max Spevack, said, "Now you can create and delete and start up your Xen instances without having to do it all on the command line. If you've got someone savvy enough to be a Linux desktop user, they're probably going to think the idea of virtualization is cool, but it sounds kind of hard. Hopefully a graphical tool like this lowers that barrier to entry."

Open source projects like Fedora, which provide access to the end product's source materials, rely on community-driven input, which Red Hat hopes to encourage even more with the new update. Fedore Core 6 is available from the project's official site.