Rig Your Next Card Game With the Help of a Raspberry Pi

(Image credit: 3DprintedLife)

If you like card games and love winning, this DIY deck shuffler can be the ace up your sleeve. Shared on YouTube by 3DprintedLife this week, it uses a Raspberry Pi and does both random deck shuffling and custom rigged hands for nefarious players. 

The shuffler is housed inside of a 3D printed case and uses several 3D printed assets and mechanisms. According to 3DprintedLife, the biggest goals were to develop an efficient, budget-friendly shuffling solution that wouldn't damage the cards as much as standard shufflers.

The sorting rig is fitted with a hidden camera. This camera can see the top corner of each card as it passes through the sorting mechanism. Using image recognition, it can keep track of each card and use that information to build a custom deck.

The whole operation is controlled via web interface. There, you can send commands to randomly shuffle or designate the game type and which cards go to which player.

If you want to recreate this project yourself, we don't blame you! 3DprintedLife was kind enough to share all of the code used on Github. Be sure to follow 3DprintedLife on YouTube for more cool projects and any updates on this one.

Ash Hill
Freelance News and Features Writer

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