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'RIGS MCL' Winter Season Starts December 20: Upgraded RIGS, New Arena, Challenges, Customizations

PlayStation VR’s exclusive first-person eSports action game, RIGS Mechanized Combat League, is getting a refresh for the winter. On December 20, developer Guerilla Games is set to begin the staggered release of the RIGS Winter Season Update.

Guerilla Games said it plans to “drop content throughout the winter” to keep RIGS MCL fans coming back for more. RIGS MCL’s winter update includes an arena from Zurich, Switzerland, “the first European stadium” to be featured in the game. Guerilla Games said the Zurich arena “draws a lot of inspiration from skate parks.” The new arena features four bowls “that flow into surrounding structures” to allow RIGS pilots to make high-flying jumps.

A week after the Zurich arena enters the circuit, Guerilla Games plans to release the first run of upgraded APX RIGS. APX RIGS feature higher top speed, thanks to the upgraded boost system. APX RIGS also unlock two new abilities: air dodge and back dodge. To keep the playing field balanced, APX RIGS are quicker than standard RIGS, but they are more vulnerable because they come with lighter armor.

Guerilla Games will unlock the APX Test RIGS and Vampire RIGS on December 27, followed by APX Nuke RIGS on January 10.

Test Your Skills For Customizations

The RIGS MCL Winter Season Update introduces weekly trials to put your pilot skills to the test. Pilots will attempt to complete six “high-risk” challenges each week. Each of the six trials increases in difficulty, and you must complete all six without failing to earn the rewards.

Pilots who complete the six challenges will receive a “unique pilot customization item.” The weekly reward also includes “a very large amount of credits,” which you can use to purchase items from the Customization Store to give your avatar a unique appearance. Guerilla Games said the store will receive regular content updates, and will occasionally feature limited edition items.

More To Come

Guerilla Games said the RIGS Mechanized Combat League Winter Season update is only the beginning. The developer plans to roll out further updates over the coming months.