Rivet Networks To Debut Killer E2500 NIC On Gigabyte, MSI Motherboards

Rivet Networks announced that its new Killer E2500 NIC will be available by the end of the year on Gigabyte and MSI motherboards.

The Killer E2500 NIC has a nearly identical feature set to the older Killer E2400. Both NICs use the company’s Advanced Stream Detect 2.0 software to regulate your PC’s network traffic. By doing so, Rivet Networks claimed it can improve your network performance while gaming.

“Gigabyte is excited to partner with Rivet Networks on the implementation of the Killer E2500. With this new high-performance Ethernet controller, gamers will have even more control of their network bandwidth when using a Gigabyte motherboard,” said Henry Kao, Vice President of Gigabyte Motherboard Business Unit. “This feature gives gamers who use Gigabyte motherboards considerable advantages in online gaming that other gamers do not have,” he added.

Rivet Networks also said that the Killer E2500 NIC features 3x better performance and latency when compared to its leading competitor. The company did not say which competing NIC it used for this comparison, however, so there is no way for us to investigate this claim.

The Killer E2500 also supports Rivet Networks' Killer Control Center, which gives you access to several network tools.

Two of the first products to use the Killer E2500 NIC will be MSI’s upcoming Z170A Gaming M6 motherboard and a new model of the company’s Aegis Ti gaming PC. These products, as well as a few motherboards from Gigabyte, are expected to launch by the end of this year with the Killer E2500.

Update, 9/15/16, 7:40am PT: The original version of this article incorrectly named Qualcomm as the company making the NIC. The Killer networking branch was spun off into Rivet Networks in 2014.

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  • ohim
    lets milk some more the "gaming" tag next to any PC :)
  • thundervore
    Remember when everyone jumped on the Fatal1ty band wagon because they thought that branding made them game better? Well, welcome to the next level of suckers where marketing can place ROG or Killer on anything and these individuals that call themselves "gamers" will be parted with their money.

    Ill take my motherboards with dual Intel NIC's as a priority, maybe even Realtek, or Atheros will be last choice. Thank you very much!

    I cant wait to see the ROG or Killer DX racer chair because we all know, if you don't have a DX Racer chair then your not a gamer lol!!
  • gggplaya
    This company is full of lies and overhyped marketing. On their website, it shows a latency graph between them and a competitor. Except it shows about 25ms vs 300ms for a competitor. Which competitor has 300ms of lag, even coast to coast, or continent to continent for that matter. Even playing between europe and the U.S. is 150ms.

    The fact that they don't give any real world specifics like which game was tested, or anything like that. I can't believe a word they say.