Samsungs claim to have developed fastest 1 GB micro memory card

Samsung today said that its 1 GB MMCmicro Flash memory card is about 3.5 times faster in data transfers than any other micro memory technology. Targeted for a use at cellphones, digital cameras and MP3 players, the device can write data at a pace of 7.12 MBps. According to Samsung, that is fast enough tos tore 20 5-megapixel images in about 11 seconds.

Samsung compares the MMCmicro card especially to microSD/Transflash cards, which, according to the company, write at only 2.04 MBps. However, reading the reading speed of the MMCmicro is just slightly higher than the microSD device the company used for its comparison (7.4 MBps vs. 7.1 MBps). Another advantage of the MMCmicro card may be the fact that it can run at 1.8 volts and 3.3 volts, while microSD cards only run at 3.3 volts. Samsung claims, that MMCmicro consumes 82% less power than microSD as a result.